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Rusty’s Blog

Deer me

Two deer in the backyard looking like aliens since the camera's flash was on, acting like..."wow,, it's Vicki's !"

Damn, it’s Vicki’s !!!!

Catching Fortunate Youth

Live performance shot of reggae band Fortunate Youth kicking it up at Jannus Live in St Pete

A great set, a great night at Jannus Live in St. Pete.

Reggae Rise Up St Pete

Looking at the outdoor Reggae Rise Up stage with a fan wering an original Vicki's girl shirt ready for some music

Dusk approaches as the crowd awaits Rebelution!

Hiking the USVI

Beautiful girl posing in sugar ruins in the USVI with arm up holding a big heart

It’s great to hike the USVI National Park, you never know what you’ll find !

V-heart racing fans

Dad and son checking out one of the race team garages, smiling away with piles of tires ready to roll behind them

These Vicki’s fans are luvin it at the race team’s garage, and lots more as

they enjoy the race !   Hey, is this the Team V-heart garage ?

24 Hours of Daytona

Night racing at the Daytona 24 hour showing blurred car approacing turn with lit up ferris wheel in background

Hairpin turns filled with action at the infield track in Daytona speedway

as teams battled the clock and each other, a blast AS ALWAYS !

V-heart spotted at the races

While watching road racing at the 24 hours of Daytona, a V-heart tattoo was spotted on the wrist of a fan standing by the fence.

A race fan AND a Vicki’s fan, someone knows what’s up !

Great hiking days

Rusty hiking with his three friend girls who are wearing their Vicki's Vheart tank top, have stopped by the river for a photo

A fav pic of mine, cant wait to hike in 2018 !

Hangin out for Christmas

These ancient petroglyphs are ready for Christmas, how bout you ?

Sunset off of Pass-a-Grille

The afterglow of a perfect sunset off of pass-a-grille beach warms the waves in the gulf after a great photoshoot

The sunset afterglow warms the gulf after a great Vgirl photoshoot.  Cant wait for the

next Gallery !


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