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Rusty’s Blog

Cloudy is OK

Rusty on beach rocks looking out over St John and the Caribbean in his long sleeve Vicki's fishing shirt

Even a cloudy day in St. John can be magical…….

V-Girl Fishing Shirt at Fortunate Youth Concert

Back of Vicki's fishing shirt with V-girl spotted while camera is facing the stage of a Fortunate Youth concert

The Vicki’s fishing girl fitting right in at the

Fortunate Youth concert in St. Pete’s Jannus Live.

Measuring up

Rusty in Vicki's fishing shirt with tape measure around neck on beach in St. John

Wondering who will be measured up next at The Stand……………….

Bar on the move

Out of Coral Bay in St. John, a floating bar makes its way to a beach. Will Vicki's be there ?

Out of Coral Bay in St. John runs the floating bar heading to a remote beach.  Wonder if they’ll

find Vicki’s Thong and Bong Stand ?

Takin’ in the view

Rusty looking over Dreake's Passage in the long sleeve Vicki's fishing shirt

Enjoying the V-Girl on my back, gazing into enchantment !

Hard at work !

Rusty at photo shoot with V-Girls in hand waiting on sunrise

Waiting on sunrise with the V-girls in hand

Hangin’ at Salomon

Vicki's Heart hanging at Salomon Beach St. John, USVI
















Vicki’s Heart hangin’ on Salomon Beach, USVI

Windmill daze

Rusty posing in the Windmill Ruins of St. John

Don’t play in the windmill !    But it’s fun…..

Friends hangin in Their Vicki’s long sleeve

Friends wearing Vicki's long sleeve tees

Viewing the Don Cesar from afar !

Ancient Petroglyphs of St. John

Ancient petroglyphs of St. John, USVI

Deep in the woods of St. John, USVI, lie these unusual

characters from ancient times.   Worth the hike !

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