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Great Up or Upsidedown

Beautiful V girl C is handstanding in a doorway with her Vicki's corak tank top drooping down and lookin great!

Handstanding in the doorway, both C and her coral V- gull tank top look great upsidedown !


Vheart bun at the tiki bar

a girl flashes her Vheart tattoo on her right cheeck at the tiki bar

After some time in the sun, it’s time for football at the tiki bar and to show off your Vheart tattoo

Steph in Coral

Steph in front of her Christmas tree looking great in the Vicki's coral tank top

Looking festive with the Vgull coral tank, Stephanie is ready

for the holidays !   Can you say “contagious smile” ?!  Follow Steph

on IG @justmestephb too !

Creative use of the Vicki’s decal

The " I Luv Vicki's Thong and Bong Stand ' decal laying over the V of a naked body

Niki is oh so creative with the Vicki’s decal,

and oh so pretty.  Follow her on IG @yummyyummy_niki

and on Malibu Strings !

Takin’ in the view

Rusty looking over Dreake's Passage in the long sleeve Vicki's fishing shirt

Enjoying the V-Girl on my back, gazing into enchantment !

Happy girl in SRQ

A Vicki's Heart tattoo adorns a fan on her left boob, and a great smile to boot.

A great smile from Beth as she enjoys her V-Heart tattoo !   Nice !


At a glance

Daria glancing back with green neon top and v-heart tattoo on left boob

D’s looking enchanting, and wears the Heart well !

Friends hangin in Their Vicki’s long sleeve

Friends wearing Vicki's long sleeve tees

Viewing the Don Cesar from afar !

What a big Heart

The vicki's Heart Tank Top looks great and is soft, comfortable and stylish

Can’t be worn any better, The Vicki’s V-Heart Tank top !

V-Girl Biker Tee

V-Girl Biker Tee for Biketoberfest in Black

On sale now for Biketoberfest !

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