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spf shirt

Takin’ in the view

Rusty looking over Dreake's Passage in the long sleeve Vicki's fishing shirt

Enjoying the V-Girl on my back, gazing into enchantment !

V-girl fishing shirt spotted

Larry chillin' at Pier 6 Baltimore, Good Vibes Summer Tour with Vicki's T&B Stand's SPF fishing shirt










Larry sporting the Vicki’s T&B Stand’s SPF fishing shirt at the Good Vibes Summer Tour

at Baltimore’s Pier 6 !

Soul Quenching View

Drakes Passage and Beyond ……….

Relaxing after a hard day of work

Rusty looks over the water in St John

Rusty, wearing his Vicki’s Thong & Bong Long Sleeve SPF Fishing Shirt,¬†¬†looks out over the sea in St John.

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