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st john

Great Up or Upsidedown

Beautiful V girl C is handstanding in a doorway with her Vicki's corak tank top drooping down and lookin great!

Handstanding in the doorway, both C and her coral V- gull tank top look great upsidedown !


Peace on Peace Hill

Vgirl D is siting inside the ruins of a windmill window ledge, with her coral Vicki's tank top on and holding up the peace sign on Peace Hill, St. John, USVI

V-girl D in the windmill up on Peace Hill, St. John USVI,   she says it all !

A long way down

 looking down at my foot and 100 ft below to the water at Ram Head, St. John USVI

At the end of Ram Head, St. John, USVI was an amazing view of the Caribbean

pounding the rocks below !

Catching Fortunate Youth

Live performance shot of reggae band Fortunate Youth kicking it up at Jannus Live in St Pete

A great set, a great night at Jannus Live in St. Pete.

Soakin’ up the rays at Salomon Beach

V-Girl Daria laying back on a curvy palm tree on SalomonBeach in the USVIs

Now this is what relaxing is all about.  Nuff said !

Hangin out for Christmas

These ancient petroglyphs are ready for Christmas, how bout you ?

Steph in Coral

Steph in front of her Christmas tree looking great in the Vicki's coral tank top

Looking festive with the Vgull coral tank, Stephanie is ready

for the holidays !   Can you say “contagious smile” ?!  Follow Steph

on IG @justmestephb too !

Cloudy is OK

Rusty on beach rocks looking out over St John and the Caribbean in his long sleeve Vicki's fishing shirt

Even a cloudy day in St. John can be magical…….

Creative use of the Vicki’s decal

The " I Luv Vicki's Thong and Bong Stand ' decal laying over the V of a naked body

Niki is oh so creative with the Vicki’s decal,

and oh so pretty.  Follow her on IG @yummyyummy_niki

and on Malibu Strings !

V-Girl Fishing Shirt at Fortunate Youth Concert

Back of Vicki's fishing shirt with V-girl spotted while camera is facing the stage of a Fortunate Youth concert

The Vicki’s fishing girl fitting right in at the

Fortunate Youth concert in St. Pete’s Jannus Live.

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