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tank top

Great Up or Upsidedown

Beautiful V girl C is handstanding in a doorway with her Vicki's corak tank top drooping down and lookin great!

Handstanding in the doorway, both C and her coral V- gull tank top look great upsidedown !


Peace on Peace Hill

Vgirl D is siting inside the ruins of a windmill window ledge, with her coral Vicki's tank top on and holding up the peace sign on Peace Hill, St. John, USVI

V-girl D in the windmill up on Peace Hill, St. John USVI,   she says it all !

A long way down

 looking down at my foot and 100 ft below to the water at Ram Head, St. John USVI

At the end of Ram Head, St. John, USVI was an amazing view of the Caribbean

pounding the rocks below !

Steph’s prepared

Steph in kitchen wearing her Vickis coral tank top, no bra, and a bottle of grey goose ! Wow !

Pretty V-girl Steph knows how to relax and

enjoy her Vgull tank !

Fan-tastic friends

Three Rebelution music fans standing together before the concert, oh and yes Lola is wearing a Vicki's Vheart tank !

This is what makes it all worth it….. besties enjoying

great music and times together !




Vicki’s music fans

Two great Vicki's fans, also a great couple hanging at a reggae concert with their Vicki's shirts

After a great Rebelution concert, these Vicki’s fans hung around for a pose

They luv to play !

V girls laughing it up in a playful hug after a sunset shoot with their Vicki's tank and tee

Girls just wanna have fun, especially in their

Vicki’s tops !

Hootie hot in coral

Side view of pretty Hootie in the coral tank top with her smooth buns exposed

Pretty and curvy sez it all with Hootie in her Vicki’s Vgull

coral tank top.  Can’t wait for more !!!

Torie heating up the V-gull tank

Malibu Strings model Torie is modeling the Coaral tank top in Mexico with the cutest of short shorts

The beautiful @Malibu_torie is looking hot and definitely great in the Vicki’s

coral tank.   Follow her on IG and on the Malibu Strings website.  Thanks Torie !

Great hiking days

Rusty hiking with his three friend girls who are wearing their Vicki's Vheart tank top, have stopped by the river for a photo

A fav pic of mine, cant wait to hike in 2018 !

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