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Hiking the USVI

Beautiful girl posing in sugar ruins in the USVI with arm up holding a big heart

It’s great to hike the USVI National Park, you never know what you’ll find !

Soakin’ up the rays at Salomon Beach

V-Girl Daria laying back on a curvy palm tree on SalomonBeach in the USVIs

Now this is what relaxing is all about.  Nuff said !

Hootie hot in coral

Side view of pretty Hootie in the coral tank top with her smooth buns exposed

Pretty and curvy sez it all with Hootie in her Vicki’s Vgull

coral tank top.  Can’t wait for more !!!

Torie heating up the V-gull tank

Malibu Strings model Torie is modeling the Coaral tank top in Mexico with the cutest of short shorts

The beautiful @Malibu_torie is looking hot and definitely great in the Vicki’s

coral tank.   Follow her on IG and on the Malibu Strings website.  Thanks Torie !

V-heart spotted at the races

While watching road racing at the 24 hours of Daytona, a V-heart tattoo was spotted on the wrist of a fan standing by the fence.

A race fan AND a Vicki’s fan, someone knows what’s up !

Great hiking days

Rusty hiking with his three friend girls who are wearing their Vicki's Vheart tank top, have stopped by the river for a photo

A fav pic of mine, cant wait to hike in 2018 !

Ready to ride

Vgirls in a black and white photo (except their Vheart tattoo) by the boat docks

Having fun with buns in the sun, and a day on  the water to beat !

Sunset off of Pass-a-Grille

The afterglow of a perfect sunset off of pass-a-grille beach warms the waves in the gulf after a great photoshoot

The sunset afterglow warms the gulf after a great Vgirl photoshoot.  Cant wait for the

next Gallery !


Steph in Coral

Steph in front of her Christmas tree looking great in the Vicki's coral tank top

Looking festive with the Vgull coral tank, Stephanie is ready

for the holidays !   Can you say “contagious smile” ?!  Follow Steph

on IG @justmestephb too !


At a concert, a small Vicki's Vheart tattoo showed up on the leg of a fan

This great leg is sporting the Vheart tattoo, she must be a runner !

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