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V-Heart Tattoo

Ready to ride

Vgirls in a black and white photo (except their Vheart tattoo) by the boat docks

Having fun with buns in the sun, and a day on  the water to beat !

Sunset off of Pass-a-Grille

The afterglow of a perfect sunset off of pass-a-grille beach warms the waves in the gulf after a great photoshoot

The sunset afterglow warms the gulf after a great Vgirl photoshoot.  Cant wait for the

next Gallery !



At a concert, a small Vicki's Vheart tattoo showed up on the leg of a fan

This great leg is sporting the Vheart tattoo, she must be a runner !

Kel’s matching colors

Kelly showing off her V-Heart tat on her left bun with pretty red matching panties

You know it’s gonna be a fun night with these matching !


On the Rocks

Back view of Jen as she stands on the rocks gazing out over the ocean with her V-Heart Tattoo on her left bun cheek

Gazing out over the ocean, Jen is enjoying her day in the sun !

Niki wearing the V-heart well

niki_yummy1 modeling the V-heart sticker on her naked tan buns

Tan buns and a V-heart go well together.  Thanks Niki.  Follow the beautiful

Niki on IG @yummyyummy_niki // and Malibu Strings too !

Happy girl in SRQ

A Vicki's Heart tattoo adorns a fan on her left boob, and a great smile to boot.

A great smile from Beth as she enjoys her V-Heart tattoo !   Nice !


Hard at work !

Rusty at photo shoot with V-Girls in hand waiting on sunrise

Waiting on sunrise with the V-girls in hand

At a glance

Daria glancing back with green neon top and v-heart tattoo on left boob

D’s looking enchanting, and wears the Heart well !

Windmill daze

Rusty posing in the Windmill Ruins of St. John

Don’t play in the windmill !    But it’s fun…..

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