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vicki’s thong & bong

Great Up or Upsidedown

Beautiful V girl C is handstanding in a doorway with her Vicki's corak tank top drooping down and lookin great!

Handstanding in the doorway, both C and her coral V- gull tank top look great upsidedown !


Peace on Peace Hill

Vgirl D is siting inside the ruins of a windmill window ledge, with her coral Vicki's tank top on and holding up the peace sign on Peace Hill, St. John, USVI

V-girl D in the windmill up on Peace Hill, St. John USVI,   she says it all !

Vheart bun in Key West

Pretty girl in thong with the Vheart tattoo on her left cheek

Suns out buns out with our Vheart tatt, a great combo.

Thanks C and hubby for the great pic during Fantasy Fest  !!!

Steph’s prepared

Steph in kitchen wearing her Vickis coral tank top, no bra, and a bottle of grey goose ! Wow !

Pretty V-girl Steph knows how to relax and

enjoy her Vgull tank !

Iration rocks St Aug Amphitheatre

The Reggae rock band Iration performing in St Augustine

Great music and fun at the Iration Show.   Can’t wait for the next !

Vheart bun at the tiki bar

a girl flashes her Vheart tattoo on her right cheeck at the tiki bar

After some time in the sun, it’s time for football at the tiki bar and to show off your Vheart tattoo

Slighty Stoopid’s Kyle cranking it out

Kyle from Slightly Stoopid jamming out even with a cast on his leg

Even with the cast, Kyle was awesome as usual, along with Miles and gang of course !

From the pit at Baltimore’s Pier 6

Vheart at Slightly Stoopid

Girl watching reggae concert with short shorts on with a Vheat tatto on the back of her leg

A Vicki’s fan sports a Vheart tattoo and Vicki’s deep v-neck tee as she catches the

show from the pit…….is something burning ?



Stick Figure and Cocoa at Pier 6

The band Stick Figure with their tour dog Cocoa performing at Pier 6

Gotta luv Cocoa the tour dog when Stick Figure plays.  Amazing show, good vibes,

and a great time !

OC summer fun with besties

on the beach at Ocean City with umbrellas up, chairs out, and calm ocean

When you catch up with lifetime friends, this is the way to do it !  Thanks guys

for your hospitality, and enjoy wonderful days at your beach……..

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