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Welcome to Vicki’s Thong & Bong Stand

where we’re always havin’ fun in the sun!


Hi, I’m Rusty and I want to tell you a little about us…

A very special girl named Vicki has taught me a lot over the years, including how to be myself, and how to have fun.   She loved the beach and was always on the lookout for chicks in thongs for me to view.  And, of course, it was great when she added her two cents worth.  All in fun.  Vicki also felt that for a good thong fit, it should be custom made.   So Vic, here’s to ya, and I hope we can make you proud at the stand we named after you.

Custom thong or need a bong ?….That’s us !….Some pasti painting ?   How bout a temporary tattoo?   It’s all here for you!   Relax and have fun at Vicki’s Thong & Bong with Rusty and his crew as they are there to assist you with our products.    Vicki’s T&B Stand is open daily on the beach somewhere, usually in the Caribbean, but we have no boundaries.  We can appear most anywhere, just takes a beautiful beach and fun loving customers.  Vicki enjoyed visiting different beaches, she always had the most fun that way.  The location of Vicki’s is a secret, and will be for a while….You never know when you’ll stumble upon it, but when you do you’re gonna enjoy, and we’ll be glad to see you too !

A mystery?…yes….a legend ?….who knows.  Even our origin is unknown, that’s the way Vicki wanted it.    But that’s ok, nobody minds cause we all enjoy chillin in the laid back lifestyle anyway, and that’s what she had in mind.

And where we’re going to show up next is anybody’s guess.   So look for us when hitting the beach because Vicki’s T&B Stand may be on your next Beach…but gone tomorrow!

We also invite you to enjoy our gallery of fun pics.  We have some neat products of Vicki’s you may want to check out too, so you can always be thinking about the fun in the sun laidback lifestyle.

T’s, tanks, temporary tattoos, and car stickers too……and more products to come.

Have fun;